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Winter Bucket List

Hey everyone! I think today’s post is pretty self explanatory; it’s my winter bucket list! I know it seems kinda late to post this but technically the first day of winter was only two days ago!

I plan to come back as I complete all of the items on the list and hopefully I can get it all done by the end of the season:

☐ Make s’mores

Bake cookies

☐ Make a gingerbread man house

☐ Dress up and go out to dinner

☐ Start a new tradition

☐ Have a photoshoot in the snow

☐ Build a giant puzzle

☐ Breakfast for dinner

☐ Go ice skating

☐ Have a movie marathon

☐ Catch up with an old friend

☐ Thrift shop

☐ Make valentines

☐ Make a new playlist

I’m also going to try adding pictures to this post as I cross things off the list so that I can look back on it down the road.

If you want to keep up with me and see how far down this list I can get, be sure to follow my Instagram and subscribe to my blog in the sidebar! –>

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