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5 years with Dylan

Hey Everyone! Guess what?! Today Dylan and I have been dating for FIVE years. Last year we both answered different sets of 4 questions and didn’t look at each others until we were finished in my blog post, 4 Years with Dylan.Β This year, we decided ...
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4 years with Dylan

  Hey everyone! Today is a super exciting day! 4 years ago, Dylan asked me to be his girlfriend! We were sophomores in high school then, and now we’re sophomores in college. We were so little then, that I even still had my braces on! It’s ...

NYC in two days: Day 2

Day 2 Hey everyone! If you missed yesterday’s post, you don’t know that last week Dylan surprised me with a birthday trip to NYC! We took on two jam packed days in the big city. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my post about day 1 ...
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It’s Cherry Blossom Season!

  Spring is here and so are the cherry blossoms! So what else is there to do besides drag Dylan to D.C. with me? We played tourist the other weekend and visited the Cherry Blossom Festival. We’ve already been before, but it was so pretty before ...
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Late Valentine’s Date

Last weekend Dylan and I weren’t able to celebrate our 3rd Valentine’s Day together. So this weekend, he wanted to make up for it (isn’t he the sweetest). We even dressed up a little nicer than usual (and no we did not mean to match). ...