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Fall Skirts | OOTD (part 1)

Skirts and Sweaters (part 1)

Fall Skirts | OOTD (part 1)

Fall Skirts | OOTD (part 1)

Fall Skirts | OOTD (part 1)

Skirt (sold out, similar one here) | Top | Slip-on Shoes |

I know it’s starting to get way colder outside, but I haven’t been able to get rid of my skirt obsession yet! I’ve been obsessed with pairing skirts and sweaters this fall. At first, I was a little hesitant on jumping on the ruffles trend, but now I think it’s so cute! Especially the shirts I’ve been seeing with ruffles on the sleeves (like this one).

I thought I’d do a short series in this upcoming week of some of my favorite fall skirt outfits so be on the look out! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter in the side bar if you wanna keep up with me!


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