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Fall Fringe | OOTD

Sorry to ruin the Christmas vibes with another Fall post, but technically it’s not officially winter yet! To be honest, I haven’t been able to shoot for any winter posts yet. Finals are in two weeks and then I’m free for a month (woo!). I’ve been trying to play around with what days work best for my blogging schedule (and this post was supposed to be up yesterday, so you can see how that’s going).

Fall Fringe | OOTD

Fall Fringe | OOTD

Fall Fringe | OOTD

Dress | Sweater (sold out, similar one here) | Boots

My favorite part of this outfit are these fringe Minnetonka boots. They’re super different and add a fun touch to any outfit. The sweater I’m wearing is from Target a couple years ago so it isn’t in stock anymore but I gave you guys the link to a similar one.

I picked up some things for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. For now, I’ve made a long list of things I still have to do by the end of the semester. I have more projects than exams so I’m hoping I can knock it all out sooner than later and start my winter break early!

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