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Eyelash Extensions: Beach Edition

Samantha Suarez Beach

I did it!! I did it and I’m definitely addicted. I got eyelash extensions and I think it just might be a new way of life. Ask me how long it took me to do my make up this morning… nine minutes.. NINE. Maybe that’s actually a long time for some of you, but to me that’s a lot better than my usual 20 minutes. I caved into getting them right before heading to the beach for a week and let me tell you it made the trip SO much easier.

For those of you who don’t know what eyelash extensions are, they’re basically single fake lashes added to each of your natural lashes to make them look fuller and longer. Don’t get too ahead of yourself though, these don’t last forever. Your natural lashes are on a cycle; they fall out and grow back every 4 to 6 weeks. So when your natural lash falls out, the fake one goes with it. It’s kind of like acrylics, where you’ve got to get them refilled every once and a while.

Today I’m sharing my experience with you and how well these held up beachside. (Also, please ignore my eyebrows. I haven’t had them done in months…)

Day 1:

Samantha Suarez Eyelashes BeforeBefore

Samantha Suarez Eyelash Extensions


The difference these made compared to my natural lashesΒ just make me speechless. I love them. Mascara is probably my favorite make up item. I love how much long lashes can open up your eyes, and brighten up the look. However, with these I totally don’t need it anymore (except on my bottom lashes). There were some things I needed to get used to though:

You need to avoid touching your lashes as much as possible. Pulling on them too much can cause the extensions to fall out easier. This includes touching them in the water. Have you ever tried that? It’s sooo much harder than it looks to not rub your eyes in the shower.

You also need to avoid sleeping on your face, and considering I’m the messiest sleeper ever, this is definitely the hardest part for me.

1 Week:


Samantha Suarez Eyelash Extensions

1 Day

Samantha Suarez Eyelashes

8 Days

Here’s the difference in the lashes after 8 days. These 8 days consisted of 4 days at the beach, meaning 4 days of being in ocean and pool water, and 8 nights of sleeping on my face (yeah I know I said not to do that, but I couldn’t help it.. I mean I’m sleeping! It’s impossible to know what I’m doing). When I say 4 days of being in ocean and pool water, I mean I was IN it, I was diving in waves and swimming underwater. I’d say they held up pretty well considering all that! The hardest part was not being able to wipe the water straight from my eyes. I had to rub underneath and over top of my eyes, but I avoided touching my eyelashes as much as possible.

2 Weeks:


Samantha Suarez Eyelash Extensions

1 Day

Samantha Suarez Eyelash Extensions 8 days

15 Days

15 days later included 6 days at the beach, and 15 nights sleeping on my face.Β You can even tell what side of my face I sleep on the most by looking at both of my eyes in the photo. While there are still a lot of lashes left, you can definitely tell that they aren’t as full as the 1st day.

I ended up heading back for a refill about 3 and a half weeks after my initial fill. I definitely think that these will hold up better when I’m not swimming in waves and water for an entire week. I took pictures after my most recent refill and I’m going to be taking more throughout the weeks to see how well they stay without having to deal with all the waves. Who knows? Maybe they’ll hold up longer next time.

Stay tuned for my Eyelash Extensions: Not Beach Edition post. To stay updated for that go ahead and follow me on instagram so you can see when that post goes up!

Did I miss anything? Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments!

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