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College Room Decor

Long time no talk! I just finished up my fourth semester and my biggest summer goal is to get back into the groove of things with the blog! Look out for posts coming your way every Tuesday and Friday.

Anyways, let’s get into the room tour!

Not gonna lie, I meant to post this when I first moved in…. so almost a year ago. Oops.

My furniture is from Ikea and as for my wall decor, if it’s not crafted, it is most likely from Home Goods! I can spend hours in that place.

Storage and Wall Decor

College Room Tour


My biggest tip for college students moving into their own place is CRAIGSLIST! You’ll find everything you need for sooo so so cheap. Aka $40 dollar couches or $60 for a pretty much new mattress, bed frame, and headboard. 


College Apartment Room Tour


I found my desk chair at Costco last summer. It’s spinny and comfy and just about all you need in a desk chair.


College Apartment Room Tour: Bed

College Apartment Room Tour: Bed

College Apartment Room Tour


I got my throw pillows and my mirror from target! I’ve always wanted a huge full length mirror and this one did the job.


College Room Decor: Wall Decor Canvas Crafts

College Room Decor: Wall Decor Canvas Crafts


If you’re wondering about my wall decor, most of it was either made by me or a friend. Check out my DIY pinterest board to see where I get all of my ideas!


College Apartment Room Tour: Wall Decor and Jewelry Holders

College Room Decor: Canvas Dorm Crafts

College Apartment Room Tour: Wall Decor and Jewelry Holders


I had a lot of questions about my jewelry holders after my instagram post on sunday! These ones are from Home Goods. They always have a ton of options. I’m pretty sure they get new items every week.

Now on to my bathroom!


College Apartment Bathroom College Room Decor: Canvas Crafts


Again, everything from the shower curtain to the towels are from Home Goods and the wall decor was inspired from Pinterest


College Bathroom Decor

College Bathroom Decor


Living on your own can be an adjustment! My first week I confused dish detergent with dish soap and filled the entire kitchen with bubbles. It was like a movie! “Adulting” is harder than it looks guys. If you have any questions about where I got something or even about living on your own for the first time, feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading! Talk to you Friday 😉



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College Apartment Decoration

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