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posts about Sam

Blogging Awards: The Liebster Award

Sincerely Sam was nominated for the Liebster award! Yay! Thank you to Isabelle from Collegiate Curls for the nomination! I’m sure some of you are wondering… What’s the Liebster award? The Liebster Award is an internet award given by ...
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4 years with Dylan

  Hey everyone! Today is a super exciting day! 4 years ago, Dylan asked me to be his girlfriend! We were sophomores in high school then, and now we’re sophomores in college. We were so little then, that I even still had my braces on! It’s ...
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It’s a Wonderful Life

    After enduring 5 finals and an essay in just three days, the holidays are MUCH needed right now. Let’s not forget the part of my week where I found out I accidentally sold one of my Chegg textbooks to the bookstore. It’s okay ...