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BFF (Best Friend Feature): Sam Squared


Today’s post is a little different. I want to start a new series called “BFF (Best Friend Feature)” on the blog featuring all my lovely friends.

Today you get to meet the other half of Sam Squared. AKA my Charlottesville livin,’ make-up lovin, crafty BFFL, Sam. Yes, we have the same name; hence the name “Sam Squared.” She’s the type of friend who won’t get mad at you when you make the smoke alarm go off at 9 in the morning, who will retake the same picture with you 1,000 times, and who will sit in the car with you for 2 hours when you hit a car in the parking lot.

She’s been paying me to be her friend for 5 years now and counting (hopefully you can tell that was a joke).  Without further ado, meet Sam Clavelli.


| Here we go, who are you? Tell the readers about yourself. |

Sam Clavelli: My name is Sam. I’m going into my second year at UVA [The University of Virginia] where I’m a ZTA and an English/Education/Media Studies major.

I have a boyfriend named Ryan who plays Football at Elon.

I love my family. I have 2 younger sisters, 1 younger brother, and a cat named Pery.

I played volleyball throughout high school, including one season with you.

I love crafting, watching youtube tutorials, reading, and going to the pool (usually with a good book).


| How’d we meet? |

SC: We met walking into high school volleyball tryouts as freshmen, and being on the same team that season we became instant forever friends.

| What’re your favorite memories of us? |

SC: Our sleepovers where we would make funny videos and look up healthy food bloggers. There was that one time where we saw that the “Undressed Skeleton” said that grapefruit was a healthy breakfast idea. So the next morning we tried it and they weren’t ripe and it was so disgusting. We read you could put brown sugar on top to counteract the bitterness. We knew it wasn’t working when we were eating spoonfuls of plain brown sugar to chase our bite of grapefruit.

There was also that time when we went out to get ice cream before watching our fave show of the time, Teen Wolf, and you were parking at Harris Teeter and hit a parked car. We waited there for the guy to come out and he ended up being an employee so it took forever. It was very stressful and we had to start the show late.

Sam Suarez: My favorite memory of us is the time we took the metro to Georgetown and on the way back we were sprinting to the train that had just pulled up because we were exhausted and didn’t want to have to wait for the next one. After about 3 or 4 stops, we realized we got in the train that was going in the opposite direction that we were heading in and had to get off and onto the right train.


| You’ve been in college for a year now. What’re your top 3 tips for upcoming freshmen, or college students in general? |


1. Be open, open to trying new things, meeting new people, and getting out of your comfort zone. Don’t get stuck in your bubble. Personally some of my best memories and friends I have made were possible because I did something out of my comfort zone

2. Find the perfect study spot. Productivity is very important since you’re much busier in college balancing friends, clubs, classes, and just taking care of yourself. Whether it’s in your room, under a tree, at a dining hall, or at a special table in the back of the library, explore and try new things

3. Organization is key. Especially not having your parents or anyone else hold you accountable to stay on top of things (unless you have a really good roommate, but they have enough to worry about themselves). It is definitely tough staying organized, but once you find a system that works for you, everything else falls into place.

| College can be pricey. What’re your tips for saving money? |

SC: DIY! Especially when decorating your dorm or apartment. You may find a piece you really love, but then you see the price tag. Instead, try to make it yourself for half the price.

Watch how much you eat out.

My boyfriend taught me this tip: every time you get a five-dollar bill, save it.

| How do you keep yourself motivated? |

SC: Set goals, Stay productive, and make lots of schedules. It’s hard finding structure when you’re on your own.


| Favorite Stores? |

SC: Altar’d State, Sephora, Ulta, American Eagle, Michael’s, and World Market.

| What’s your favorite color to wear? |

SC: Lots of blues and grays. Neutral Tones. White is always nice.

| I know you’re more into make-up than fashion. What are your favorite make-up brands? |

SC: My favorite brand is Tarte! And my favorite drug store brands are physician’s formula, Maybelline lipsticks, and real technique brushes.

| What are your make-up must haves? |


  1. A beauty blender. Although they’re on the pricier side, you can use this tool for just about anything. It gives such a flawless finish. There are cheaper options just as well, but a beauty sponge is a must.
  2. Tarte shape tape concealer
  3. A good eye palette with neutrals and transition shades. (Tartelette in bloom, Too faed Chocolate bar palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance, Naked Palettes)
  4. An Everyday blush shade. Tarte Exposed blush is my favorite.
  5. Translucent setting powder. It helps to keep your under-eye from creasing, and to touch up oily spots throughout the day. It doesn’t add coverage or get cakey.

| Help a girl out. Do you have any product reviews to share? |

SC: There is nothing that I have tried that even compares to the Laura Mercier translucent powder.

The Anastasia glow kits are worth the hype for sure. $40 dollars gets you four large size pans of highlighters that are so versatile and give you just the right amount of glow.

| Favorite YouTubers. Go! |

SC: Jaclyn Hill, Nikkietutorials, Tati, and Laura Lee.

| What’re your favorite things to pin? |

SC: Crafts and DIY, and dream home/interior design

| You said one of your favorite things to do is read. What’re your favorite summer reads this year? |

SC: Still Alice, A Million Little Pieces, Columbine, and Gone Girl

| We used to obsess over the show Teen Wolf. What’re your fave TV Shows now? |

SC: The Office, How I Met your Mother, Friends, Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise, Are You The One, Fixer upper, Flipping out. I’m currently watching limitless.

| What Olympic sports are you watching this summer? |

SC: Swimming and Gymnastics

| Favorite healthy meals and favorite cheat meals. |

SC: My favorite healthy meals are fruit salads, yogurt and granola, granola by itself, avocado toast, and smoothies.

My favorite cheat meal are pizza and the cheese fries from glory days.

| What’re the top 3 places you’d like to travel to? |


  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. Ireland

| Last but not least, what are your life goals? |

SC: Since my trip to New York City this summer, one of my goals is to intern at the New York Times.

Try and stay motivated when it comes to workout regimens

Stay true to myself

Get married to my high school sweetheart and have a loving family together

Find success in happiness


I hope you loved her as much as I do! Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Sam [Suarez ;)] IMG_7478

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