About Me

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Hey & welcome to my blog! As you’ve probably figured out, my name is Sam. I’m a 20-year old college student living on the east coast. A big sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a blogger (duh), and your average pinterest fanatic.

I grew up in Virginia but want to travel the world. I attend George Mason University & I’m currently studying as a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and a handy dandy minor in Tourism and Events Management.

I can normally be found at chick fil a, petting puppies, watching bad reality shows, or attempting to hit the gym (keyword: attempting). I have a thing for soft blankets, binge watching Youtube vlogs, and my Momma’s spaghetti. Ice cream cake is my weakness.

I started my blog because I felt like I’ve always had so many ideas and no one to share them with! I love getting opportunities to create and be creative.

And with that, thanks for being here! I hope you stick around 🙂


Stay tuned!


Sam & Dylan

I thought It would be fun to share the video I made for Dylan, my boyfriend, when we we left for college for the first time.