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5 years with Dylan

Hey Everyone!

Guess what?! Today Dylan and I have been dating for FIVE years. Last year we both answered different sets of 4 questions and didn’t look at each others until we were finished in my blog post, 4 Years with Dylan.Β This year, we decided to share 5 random facts about us!

5 Random Facts

1. Β We’re on a little quest to try as many Ben & Jerry’s flavors that we can.

We seriously aren’t even close to this goal, mostly because we end up getting our same favorite flavors every time we go to buy some (mine is boom chocolatta and his is Cherry Garcia – feel free to sponsor us @BenAndJerrys)

2. We’re both Capricorns, yet we are almost complete opposites.

Dylan and I are different in SO many ways. I like the car cold, he likes it hot. He needs to fall asleep with background noises, I need it to be silent. He’s good with numbers, I’m good with words. Have you ever heard of the Myers Briggs personality types? I’m an ENTJ and he’s a ISFJ, aka we are almost completely opposite in that sense too.

3. We have a secret handshake.

We made a secret handshake for fun when we first started dating in high school, and we still remember it 5 years later!

4. We did long distance for four months, before I transferred schools.

We go to the same college right now, but my first semester I went to a school 7 hours away. It wasn’t for too long but if you ever need advice on long distance dating feel free to message me!

5. We’ve known each other since elementary school, and started dating in high school.

In elementary school and middle school, we always knew of each other and we’re friends with each other’s friends. It wasn’t until our sophomore year of college that we got closer and then started dating.

Thanks for reading! Sorry this post is so late. I just started a new internship last week and my spring semester started today. I’m still adjusting to my new schedule!

Feel free to follow Dylan and I on Instagram and let me know if you want more relationship posts on the blog!




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