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2017 in Review

Hi everyone! I just wanted to highlight my favorite moments of 2017. Bear with me, this post is going to be pretty long! It’s mostly something I am posting so that I can look back on all of the memories from this year. I’ll also link my posts from each month. Enjoy!


January 3rd: I went to my first hockey game! Dylan is a huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs so he surprised me with tickets to their game against the Caps here in D.C.!

January 10-11:This was my biggest surprise of 2017! The day before my birthday, Dylan surprised me with a trip to New York City! I posted about our days there! You can find Day 1 here and Day 2 here (videos included). It was so much fun and definitely one of my favorite memories from the year (thanks Dylan!!).

January 21: Dylan and I had our 4 year anniversary! It’s crazy how fast time goes by. We were sophomores in high school when we first started dating and this year we were sophomores in college! Now we only have a month until our 5 year anniversary (so weird!).

January 19th: I got initiated into my sorority, Chi Omega! It blows my mind that this was only a year ago!

January blog posts:

NYC in two days: Day 1

NYC in two days: Day 2

4 Years with Dylan


February 11: This day was my school’s homecoming game! We don’t have a football team so our homecoming is during basketball season!

February 14: Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t get Dylan sweets for Valentine’s because he was on a health kick so I got him a basket full of healthy snacks! Sorry I didn’t have a better photo of it!

Other photos from February:


March 24: This was the day that Dylan’s fraternity had their formal. It’s always fun to have a reason to dress up a little.


April 3-8: This was my first wish week with Chi Omega! It’s an entire week that we dedicate to raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

April 16: I got to meet my cousin’s baby girl for the first time!

April 24: This was the day of my sorority’s formal. I hadn’t gotten to wear a long dress like this since my high school prom! It was a lot of fun and an awesome way to wrap up the semester.

Other Photos from April: 


May 21-24The spring semester had come to an end so a bunch of people from my school went to the beach for a week! It rained on us a little but it was still a perfect way to start the summer! I also painted Dylan a cooler the month before for taking me to his formal so he finally got to put it to use.

Other photos from May:


June 2: These strawberries my mom and I picked up from strawberry picking were the best strawberries I have ever had. Strawberry picking is definitely going to be a new summer tradition from now on.

June 4: On this day my family and I celebrated my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary! I was just talking about how crazy it is that Dylan and I have been dating for almost 5 years, but 60 years is even crazier! I hope to have a marriage as perfect as theirs one day.

June 11: My friend Macy and I love to go out and take photos. This was one of my favorite shoots of ours!

Other photos from June:

June Blog Posts:

College Room Decor

Baseball Hat Hairstyles (this one was also my most popular pin of the year!)

Fun & Floral Off the Shoulder Dress


July 1: This was the day I signed a lease to my first townhouse! Three of my best friends and I have been staying there since! (I was going to include a photo but then I thought about how that might be a little unsafe lol)

July 9-14: This week was my family’s vacation to Myrtle Beach. We went with Dylan, some of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle.

July 24-28: This trip was planned last minute! I stayed at my uncle’s house in Hollywood, FL with Dylan, my brother, and my cousin. This was also the week that I got 40 mosquito bites… (look at my legs in the first photo..yikes).

July Blog Posts:

Casual 4th of July Outfit


August 19: This was the day I officially moved into the townhouse!

Other Photos from August: 

August Blog Posts

Summer to Fall Transitional Tunic


September 15-18: I was a part of my first sorority recruitment! I thought this was going to be stressful, but it was actually one of my favorite memories from the year and we got to welcome so many new girls into our sisterhood.

Other photos from September: September was a super busy month for me with school starting back up again. To sum it all up, it was full of catching up with old friends and making new ones too!

September Blog Posts:

Pretending it’s Still Summer


October 7: My brother went to his first homecoming! It was weird seeing him all dressed up to go because it feels like I was just in his shoes a couple years ago. It made me feel so old.

October 12: On this day I went to the Fall Festival, Cox Farms, that happens every year! I’ve been going there since I was a kid so it was fun to reminisce a little bit.

October 20: I got a little!!

October 21: Apple picking is my favorite thing to do in the fall! My family and I go to the same orchard every year.

Halloween: My friend, Gabby, and I dressed up as girl scouts!

October Blog Posts:

7 Things to do to Get into the Fall Spirit


November 3: My sorority’s semi-formal was “owl-oween” themed! Dylan and I dressed up as a dentist and the tooth fairy.

Other photos from November: This month we found out that there were animals living in our attic and I took an allergy test only to find out I had really really really bad seasonal allergies EVERY SEASON, but it was still an awesome month and I really got more on my blogging game.

November Blog Posts:

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Blogging Awards: The Liebster Award

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Fall Skirts | OOTD (Part 3)

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Fall Fringe | OOTD


December 4: Dylan and I went on a double date with some friends to the Bull Run Light Festival. It was pretty cool because after the Christmas lights, there was a small fair with rides and games.

Other photos from December: This month I finished the last of my finals and now I’m home to relax, spend time with family, and work on some more blog posts!

December Blog Posts

Stocking Stuffers Under $40

Winter Bucket List

Merry Christmas

If you made it this far into the post, thank you! This was probably the longest post I’ve ever done. I think I’m going to start doing year in review posts every year because I think it would be so fun to look back on!

I’m setting a lot more goals for myself in 2018. I really need to work on taking the baby steps needed to reach those goals. Usually when I make new years resolutions I have a hard time focusing on them because I can only look at the big picture.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!




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